Fall ’15 / Winter ’16

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Off the crooked path

Moms recovering from substance abuse choose the straight road for their babies.

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The 'lost' population

Student-run clinic brings health care to those fleeing violence and persecution.

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Conquering a parasitic demon

Therapy may help control worldwide scourge of schistosomiasis.

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Fungus among us

Fungi are an essential part of life. But what happens when things get out of hand?

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When the doctor becomes the patient

What goes through the mind of a cancer doctor who learns he has cancer?

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The protector of children

In Togo, Africa, Elizabeth Fernandez is called “Nbataam-Kandabri,” the protector of children.

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Waist not

You could search all day in Sharon Fowler’s kitchen and pantry and there’s one thing you’d never, ever find: diet soda.

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Dr. An-Ping Lin and Dr. Ricardo Aguiar

Evidence links lymphomas to flawed metabolism

The link has been proposed for a long time, but researchers lacked evidence of a connection—until now.

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James Burrows (left), a glioblastoma patient of CTRC medical oncologist Andrew J. Brenner, M.D., Ph.D., (right) has benefited from experimental gene therapy.

Survival doubled

Experimental gene therapy "outsmarts" one of the deadliest and most aggressive brain cancers.

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Quitting smoking? We’ll text you.

Smokers trying to kick the habit get a little help through text messages, hip-hop music and videos.

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By a thread

The secret to growing stem cells into salivary gland cells may lie with the insect responsible for fine fabrics, the silkworm.

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Drug combo

Cure in sight for Hep C patients

There's new hope for the sickest hepatitis C patients, who often face bleak prognoses.

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Pregnant woman drinking wine

Don’t drink, ever, if pregnant

Alcohol during pregnancy is the leading preventable cause of birth defects and disabilities in children.

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Chronic complication in diabetics explained

Researchers find new clues about chronic GI ailments in patients with Type 1 diabetes.

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Intolerant to chemicals? It could affect your children too.

Mothers with chemical intolerances are more likely to have children with autism or ADHD.

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UT Dentistry has new home

Center for Oral Health Care & Research offers evidence-based care in a dozen specialities.

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UT Medicine Hill Country

Growth spurt

Construction to begin on $19.5 million UT Medicine Hill Country, a multiservices clinic northwest of San Antonio.

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A two-year master of science degree in respiratory care is open to respiratory therapists and students with no prior health experience.

Advanced degree now offered in respiratory care

Degree was created because of the complexity of care needed by patients with cardiopulmonary disease.

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President's Gala 2015

We are fighting back.

Together, we are now on the offensive in the battle against Alzheimer's disease.

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President William L. Henrich, M.D., MACP, recognizes Bartell and Mollie Zachry and Ann Biggs at the President’s Gala Sept. 26.

Alzheimer’s institute to open this year amid flurry of support

The comprehensive care center is supported by millions in donations.

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Transplant surgeon Francisco G. Cigarroa, M.D.

Gifts boost pediatric transplant program

$2.35 million will help create a National Center for Excellence in pediatric liver transplantation.

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Marc D. Feldman, M.D.

Liver cancer research receives multi-year funding

Research on the most common liver cancer in adults will receive funding for up to five years.

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Mystery illness

Bequest funds the search for answers in mystery illness

After struggling with chemical intolerance, a woman leaves $2.7 million for outreach, education and research.

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Fare thee well

Course has good taste in health.

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Military Medicine

Military Medicine City, USA

Two gifts support military health programs.

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Livestock Expo

Livestock Expo steers scholarships to HSC

Livestock organization supports students for the 11th consecutive year.

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Seeds for the brain

From studies of mental disorders to brain-degenerating diseases, five research projects from the Health Science Center were awarded seed grants for multidisciplinary research on the human brain.

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teen couple

Baby? Not yet.

Area teens will benefit from two grants awarded to the university’s UT Teen Health initiative that promotes healthy choices for adolescents.

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family cooking

Fighting childhood obesity

Study shows overweight and obese Hispanic children with increased behavioral counseling and education are more likely to adopt healthier lifestyles.

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Awards with stars

Teaching the next generation

Postdoctoral research scientists will get a chance to grow their teaching skills and inspire a new generation of college students to enter research careers.

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Rajeev Suri, M.D.

And the winners are…

Seven faculty members were awarded Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Awards by the UT System Board of Regents.

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UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, uthscsa, monument

Appointments and awards

The latest news in faculty appointments and honors.

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Cutting the ribbon

Bridging health care

Both functional and symbolic, a bridge was constructed between two Health Science Center clinical homes.

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