UT Dentistry has new home

COHCR-suiteIts technology is considered ultra-modern. It is energy efficient. And within its 198,000 square feet, patients will receive the latest evidence-based care in a dozen specialties, and can be treated with anything from braces and dental implants to crowns and root canals.

At a total cost of $96.5 million, the Center for Oral Health Care & Research officially opened its doors in September. Located at 8210 Floyd Curl, it sits across from the Medical Arts & Research Center and features 12 specialty clinics and 400 pre-doctoral and specialty operatories.

There is a dental surgery operating room and overnight recovery area built to hospital specifications, and extra-large monitors are prominent in all exam and surgical areas to offer patients and practitioners a better view of dental images. Dental chairs offer digital lighting and the most current examination equipment.

“The new Center for Oral Health Care & Research allows our faculty, residents and students to provide care in a technologically advanced setting that is second to none,” said William L. Henrich, M.D., MACP, president of the Health Science Center. “It enables our School of Dentistry to lead the way technologically and sustain our top-tier reputation in education, research and patient care.”

The first two floors are for faculty-led care of patients in various specialties of oral health. The third and fourth floors are used for general dentistry, including clinical training for third- and fourth-year dental and dental hygiene students who provide care to the public at a reduced rate.

School of Dentistry Dean William Dodge, D.D.S., said the new facility helps UT Dentistry fulfill its unique role as the academic dental practice for South Texas.

“This beautiful, energy efficient and technologically advanced clinic is only our second clinical home since the school began in 1970,” Dr. Dodge said. “What a step up.”

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