At long last

Related stories: How we got here Living livelier: Another patient’s story Barshop Institute: A timeline Ramiro Guerra, 90, does yard work whenever the weather’s good. Other times he is inside, often sleeping and sometimes agitated. The U.S. veteran began to forget things in 2006, the year his wife of 57 years, Elida, passed away. “It […]

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There’s a tsunami approaching

Every day, more than 1,000 people are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. These are our mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers and spouses. They are scientists, artists, teachers and policymakers. As time goes on, even more of us will be affected, because the numbers are rising at a startling rate. Today, one in nine Americans aged 65 or […]

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Brain in window

Window to the brain

In a flap of skull the size of a pinhead, Martin Paukert, M.D., mounts and seals a thin window onto an anesthetized mouse. This window will allow Dr. Paukert and his team to monitor, in real time, effects of stimuli to the brain of a conscious mouse while it walks on a tiny treadmill. That’s something […]

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