Spring/Summer 2017


Spring/Summer 2017

Joel Torres, M.D., stands on a dirt road in the Rio Grande Valley.

A journey home

As a kid, Joel Torres, M.D., spent summers working the fields to help feed his family. He grew up and traveled the country for the best education. Now he's back home, a doctor working to make the Rio Grande Valley healthier.

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It's coming. Are we ready?

From unknown to a worldwide pandemic in one year, Zika is a looming threat to South Texas as mosquito season heats up. Health care practitioners are bracing for impact.

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Small rosary on a baby blanket

To have and to hold

When a child dies at birth, tests and medical procedures suddenly stop. Years ago, this was also where the patient’s care ended. Today, nurses are realizing this is a critical moment when the standard of care should strengthen.

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Stop watch with blood dripping from the top and the words "Tick Tock" in the face

Tick tock

Trauma is the leading cause of death of children, and bleeding is a major preventable cause. It takes only minutes to bleed to death, but quick action can save lives.

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Oral device helps with breathing

Sweet dreams

Sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks and other illnesses. So UT Dentistry opened the Sleep Disorders Center to offer a dental approach to help patients get their zzz's.

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Anand Karnad, M.D. hugging patient

Essay: House call

Caring for people who have cancer does not stop when treatments stop. Anand Karnad, M.D., chief of hematology and medical oncology, shares the value of a house call.

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graphic of a face with mental health diagnoses written on top

The heart behind her science

Nicole Baganz, Ph.D. ’09, was always interested in science, receiving her first microscope in second grade. It’s just that she wasn’t always that good at it, she said. That's all changed now.

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skyline of downtown San Antonio

People. Passion. Promise.

People. Passion. Promise. Those three words are behind everything we do at UT Health San Antonio.

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person giving insulin shot

No more shots

A potential cure for Type 1 diabetes is on the horizon, and the novel approach would also allow Type 2 diabetics to stop insulin shots.

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patient suffering from PTSD talking to therapist

Talking it out

Talk therapy can lead to recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder for those who suffer from combat-related PTSD.

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bowl of corn

Beware what you eat

Rates of liver cancer continue to be high for Latinos. Contaminated food may be to blame.

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watchman device

Staying in rhythm

UT Health San Antonio physicians are using a new technique to treat atrial fibrillation, a common heart rhythm disorder and major risk factor for stroke.

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researcher using mass spectrometer

Sharper image

Over four decades, the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory has been a part of countless research projects—in a range of disciplines—conducted at the university.

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roads merge

It takes two

Two weeks is all it took for deadly, late-stage head and neck tumors to shrink in mouse models. The cause: a combination of two targeted treatments already approved by the FDA.

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pain chart

Zero pain

What if there were a safe and effective way to control pain at its source, tailored to each patient, yet without the risk of addiction and overdose?

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young girl exercising

Salud, Salud!

Salud America! The RWJF Research Network to Prevent Obesity Among Latino Children has received a $1.5 million grant to help Latino children grow up healthy.

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adults exercising

Going molecular

Mapping the effects of exercise at the smallest level will show its impact on overall health.

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Philanthropists Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long

Empowering generations

Philanthropists Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long have supported scholarships since 1999. But their impact goes beyond dollars.

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Awards with stars


Learn about the latest appointments at UT Health San Antonio.

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The latest news in faculty honors and recognitions.

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UT Health Hill Country

Now open

UT Health Hill Country offers a comprehensive array of services in Boerne.

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