skyline of downtown San Antonio

People. Passion. Promise.

skyline of downtown San Antonio

People. Passion. Promise. Those three words are behind everything we do at UT Health San Antonio.

Our faculty, staff, students and residents contribute daily, without reservation, their multifaceted talents, exemplary minds and unrelenting commitment to expand and expedite the discovery of all that can be known in order to make lives better.

This effort affords us a unique platform from which to make a difference in the world. For ours is a kiln in which is forged myriad hopes for answers—hopes that are realized through our missions of education, research and patient care.

You can see reflections of the energies, perseverance and passions of our people in the advances we are making to recruit outstanding professors, scientists and physicians to complement the work of our exceptional faculty. You see it in the groundbreaking discoveries we make, every day, in everything from diabetes and pain management, to Alzheimer’s disease and regenerative dentistry, that have life-changing, life-saving implications. Finally, you see it in our students who work tirelessly so that they may one day embark on a lifetime dedicated to health care for all.

Certainly we cannot undertake these endeavors alone. We depend on other people who likewise hold in their hearts a passionate commitment to our missions. Two of these individuals are the extraordinarily generous philanthropists Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long, whose legacy of giving to our university has reached $61 million. This issue of Mission features the story of their commitment to both our institution and the young people for whom financial access to professional education has been a challenge. Coming from humble backgrounds themselves, the Longs are true-life heroes who believe in investing in these students, from all across Texas, to enable them to go on to help the next generation, and the ones who will follow.

On Feb. 14, fittingly, we celebrated their commitment to our people, passion and promise when we named our School of Medicine the Joe R. & Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine. On that day, scores of students and graduates, many the beneficiaries of full-paid scholarships sponsored by the Austin couple, joined in our thanks.

As is their custom, the couple was quick to give thanks of their own, and to remind us all that the work we do, the advancements we make, bear meaning that is felt beyond our university walls: “This is a community endeavor, and you are all going to be part of that community,” Mr. Long said on that sunny Valentine’s Day.

Our first three missions of education, research and patient care advance in tandem to accomplish the fourth mission, that of community service. I could not be prouder of the many ways in which our students, faculty, staff, residents, alumni and donors strengthen and serve all the communities, near and far, of which they are a part.

People. Passion. Promise. Together with you, the difference we make across the thousands of communities we touch shines bright with promise for a UT Healthier world for years to come.

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