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2023 issue
An aerial view of the School of Dentistry building.

On an upward trajectory

A message from Dean Hardin that highlights the School of Nursing's growth and impact. Innovations in clinical practice, research and education are now addressing the nursing shortage and further nursing's mission of holistic care.
Customized Saluteria game playing pieces.

Teaching the language of patient care

Norma Martinez Rogers, PhD, RN, FAAN, a Living Legend in nursing, continues her impactful journey. Her innovative creation, Saludteria, a health-based adaptation of Lotería, fosters learning while having fun.
Dr. Song in her UT Health San Antonio branded white coat and hard hat holds renovation blueprints under her arm.

Creating the space to heal

The Center for Holistic Care of Cancer Patients and Families aims to improve health outcomes and alleviate stress for patients and caregivers in San Antonio and beyond. The transformative initiative addresses cancer patients' complex needs, offering interdisciplinary support and pioneering digital health interventions.
Dr. Hardin in her UT Health San Antonio white coat looks toward the School of Nursing with a smile.

Perseverance pays off

From Appalachian Roots to Nursing Leadership: Dean Sonya R. Hardin's inspiring journey from first-generation college student to dean, shaped by her experiences and commitment to education, community engagement and support for her students.
A graphic image of an unbalanced scale with a crowd of patients on one said and two nurses on the other.

A critical balancing act

Texas grapples with a significant nurse shortage affecting health care systems. Schools of Nursing, like UT Health San Antonio, address the crisis through faculty training and collaboration.
School of Nursing student, Miguel Salazar, smiles in his UT Health San Antonio-branded scrubs and stethoscope.

A career in compassion

Men in nursing are overcoming historical odds. As male representation in nursing grows, students and faculty share their stories, highlighting a shift towards diversity and compassion within the profession.
Text reading supercharging change.

Supercharging change

UT Health San Antonio's grant-powered medical home for foster families: A $4 million grant creates health care hubs for foster care families in Texas, aiming to provide consistent and comprehensive care to a vulnerable population.
Dr. Cindy Sickora standing proudly in her UT Health San Antonio white coat.

The health care equity equation

The UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing successfully expanded clinical services to underserved communities, particularly in pediatrics. This initiative not only ensures quality health care but also provides invaluable real-world experience to nursing students.
A graphic showing how many alumni reside in each state in the U.S.

Where in the world?

See where School of Nursing alumni have landed throughout the U.S. and across the globe.
Nurse Julie Mize and her student patient, Jeremiah Quintero bend over his phone to record his blood sugar readings.

Navigating brand-new waters

Meet Julie Mize, RN, BSN, a dedicated school nurse in Uvalde, Texas. From routine care to navigating a trauma response, discover the vital role school nurses play in student well-being.
Stethoscope and military uniform on American national flag.

A second act of service

Wesley Richardson, a School of Nursing alumnus and faculty member, dedicates his career to serving fellow veterans. With a background in the military and nursing, he inspires and educates nursing students, creating a vital pipeline for veterans' care.
Text reading honors and awards.

Honors and Awards

School of Nursing faculty recognized for their service and excellence locally, across the state and nationwide.
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