Mays Cancer Center Annual Report Magazine

2020 issue

Advancements in Radiation Oncology Continue to Improve Lifesaving Care

Patients who undergo radiation treatment at the Mays Cancer Center benefit from advancements in the aiming, target imaging, and radiation particle therapy. Collaborative care by a multispecialty team ensures the best plan of action for each patient.

Nurses, Staff Members Adapt to Provide Uninterrupted Treatment to All Patients

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mays Cancer Center did not miss one day of providing cancer care to its patients. The center's nurses and staff members responded quickly and implemented a plan to ensure treatment could continue in a safe environment.
Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos book

Employing Research, Recommendations to Battle Expected 142 Percent Rise in Cancer

After gathering international cancer experts, Mays Cancer Center leaders published a book with innovative research and recommendations to reduce Latino cancer, the leading cause of death for this diverse population.

Conference Tackles Rising Disparities in Cancer Rates Among Latinos

The 2020 "Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos" conference brought together more than 300 researchers, clinicians and community policy makers to find ways to battle the predicted 142 percent rise in cancer rates in Latinos.
Mays Cancer Center

New Mays Cancer Center Members

Meet the new members of the Mays Cancer Center, home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, in San Antonio, Texas.
Mays Cancer Center

Mays Cancer Center By the Numbers

The Mays Cancer Center's By the Numbers offers a quick snapshot of the center's patient care, research, clinical trials and funding figures for 2020.

Bladder Cancer Surgeon Named Urology Chair

Robert Svatek, MD, MSCI, has been appointed chairman of the Department of Urology in the Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine at UT Health San Antonio. He is a surgeon with expertise in both open and robotic management of advanced urinary bladder cancer.

CPRIT Awards $2 Million for Recruitment

A $2 million award from CPRIT funded the recruitment of a second scientist studying nonalcoholic liver disease (NASH). Xiaoli Sun, PhD, came from UC-San Diego where she developed unique mouse models to study NASH.

Mary Kay Foundation Awards $100,000 Grant

The Mary Kay Foundation awarded $100,000 to Zhijie "Jason" Liu, PhD, who will leverage the grant to study estrogen receptor alpha (ERα), a biomarker of breast cancer.

International Grant Funds Pediatric Cancer Research

Alexander Bishop, DPhil, and a colleague in Scotland were awarded a grant from the Stand Up To Cancer and Cancer Research UK’s Pediatric Cancer New Discoveries Challenge, which funds international teams studying hard-to-treat pediatric cancer. The scientists are teaming up to investigate a unique biological hallmark of Ewing sarcoma.

Breast Cancer/Radiation Researcher Recruited

David Gius, MD, PhD, a breast cancer and radiation researcher, joined the Mays Cancer Center. He was recruited with a $6 million senior investigator recruitment grant awarded in 2020 by CPRIT.

Childhood Chemo Alters Heart’s Caretaker Cells

Senior author Gregory Aune, MD, PhD, released findings by his team showing that cancer chemotherapy changes the function of cells that repair heart injury. Twenty percent of children treated with anthracyclines suffer heart failure later in life.
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