Mays Cancer Center Annual Report

The mission of the Mays Cancer Center, home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson, is to reduce the cancer burden in South Texas through the highest quality cancer care, groundbreaking research aimed at reducing the incidence and mortality of cancer, education of future cancer scientists and clinicians, and cancer prevention programs focused on our unique population.

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2020 Clinical Investigator of the Year Awarded to Dimpy Shah, MD, PhD

Dimpy Shah, MD, PhD, was named the Mays Cancer Center's 2020 Clinical Investigator of the Year for her work on an international level to study COVID-19 and its effect on patients with cancer. She is an expert in respiratory viruses, cancer epidemiology and survivorship.

Uncovering Repair Mechanisms to Fix DNA Double-Strand Breaks

Researchers at the Mays Cancer Center are studying the most toxic and carcinogenic kind of DNA damage -- DNA double-stand break which can be caused by radiation used to kill cancer cells. Their findings can lead to new more effective treatments.

Groundbreaking Work on Connexins Leads to Potential Breast Cancer Drug

Jean Jiang, PhD, and her team of researchers are building on their innovative discoveries on connexin channels by developing custom antibodies to stimulate the opening of hemichannels in bone cells to protect skeletal tissue from the invasion of breast cancer cells.

Anti-Depressant Drug Offers Hope to Treat, Prevent Breast Cancer

A discovery in the research lab of Manjeet Rao, PhD, has led to a clinical trial -- conducted by physician-scientist Virginia Kaklamani, MD, DSc -- repurposing imipramine, a drug originally designed to treat depression, to determine if the drug not only treats but also prevents breast cancer.

Studying Cork Tree Extract and Exercise as Treatments for Prostate Cancer

Darpan Patel, PhD, and lead investigator A. Pratap Kumar, PhD, studied amurense, an extract from the bark of the Amur cork tree native to China, in mouse models to determine its potential as a therapeutic in treating prostate cancer. Research proved it is just as effective as exercise in preventing the progression.

Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic Provides Hope to Cancer Survivors

The Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic at the Mays Cancer Center provides patients specialized treatment to optimize their function, independence and quality of life.

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