Virtual Event Supports Research of Tyler Curiel, MD, MPH

Tyler Curiel,  MD, MPH

“Dialogue and Discovery: Discussion on the Revolution in Cancer Immunotherapy” hosted by Cappy and Suzy Lawton

The Lawton Family

In February 2019, Cappy Lawton was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. Cappy underwent treatment at the Mays Cancer Center, home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson, and was later declared cancer free in January 2020.

He was elated at the success of his treatment and thankful for the remarkable state-of-the-art care that he received from the Mays Cancer Center staff. Cappy was determined to find a way to give back, not only to the Mays Cancer Center, but in a way that would positively impact the lives of future cancer patients.

In the words of Cappy, “My experience inspired me to read about the unbelievable complexity of our immune systems, and I learned that immunotherapy appears to be our most promising hope of defeating this enemy. We are fortunate to have some of the top doctors and researchers in the world working on this subject. Among the best of the best is Dr. Tyler Curiel, who is respected globally for his leading-edge immunotherapy research.”

Cappy and his wife, Suzy, were inspired to establish the Curiel Immunotherapy Cancer Research Fund. This fund supports the work of Tyler Curiel, MD, MPH, a world-renowned expert in immunotherapy, who, along with his team, is on the verge of revolutionizing the ways that cancer is treated.

Cappy and Suzy were so inspired by the work of Dr. Curiel that they hosted a virtual event on August 20, 2020, where they announced the establishment of the Curiel Immunotherapy Cancer Research Fund. The event was attended by nearly 200 friends and patrons of the Lawton Family of Restaurants and provided the opportunity for attendees to hear details about Dr. Curiel’s research, ask questions and learn more about this innovative way to fight cancer using the body’s own immune system.

Cappy and Suzy, plus attendees of the event, made contributions to this fund to help advance this promising cancer research.



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