Graduates Create Seed Award for Fourth-Year Student Leaders

The initial recipients of the Seed Award scholarship are Mark Dean (from left), Selina Fuentes, Robert Hermann, Christian Lopez, Amanda Mitchell, Matthew Miller, Enrique Ramirez, Jason Poon, Brian Ross and Julie Wiegand.

Two anonymous donors, who are both alumni of the School of Dentistry, created a Seed Award to recognize fourth-year dental students who have demonstrated exceptional commitments to their profession, community and university.

The award’s intent is to foster the importance of giving back with a special emphasis placed on recognizing the significant role the School of Dentistry has played in preparing students for a career in dentistry and thereby encouraging their engagement with the school throughout their lifetime.

Jennifer Clark, director of development, said the donors, who have requested anonymity, reflected on their time as students and realized how much the school meant to them and the difference it made in their lives.

“These donors created the Seed Award in hopes it will plant a seed with students and that when students look back on their experience, they will remember this and make their own gifts. They fondly remember Dr. (William W.) Dodge as a faculty member,” she said. The scholarship was created to honor Dean Dodge.

The donors make a $10,000 gift annually to support the Seed Award. Each year, 10 students will receive $1,000.

Associate Dean Adriana Segura, D.D.S., M.S., said the award is unique in several ways. “Many of our awards only can go to those with the highest academic ranking. This one recognizes students not only based on their academic performance, but those who are also leaders in their class or in the community.” And, the award is given to students directly instead of going to their student account where it can only be used for tuition and fees.

The Seed Award also shows alumni that a gift to the school does not have to be a huge amount, she said. “This is a $10,000 donation each year. These donors are making a difference in these students’ lives. They also are showing these students how important it is to give back when you can.

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