Alumni Profile: Scott and Cassandra Leune

Scott Leune, D.D.S., and Cassandra Leune, B.S.D.H., both Class of 2005 in their respective programs, with their children: Sophia, 9; Ethan, 7; Colin, 4; and Christian, 2 months
Scott Leune, D.D.S., and Cassandra Leune, B.S.D.H., both Class of 2005 in their respective programs, with their children: Sophia, 9; Ethan, 7; Colin, 4; and Christian, 2 months

Graduates Finding Right Balance of Growing Business, Family

By Salwa Choucair

Finding the right balance between work and family life has always been the ultimate goal for Scott and Cassandra Leune, owners of Breakaway Practice, a national company headquartered in San Antonio, offering a variety of business services to dentists including seminars, practice management, an affiliate program and a partnership.

The perfect balance, however, may have been found when the two met while dancing in San Antonio. Scott was just beginning his first year of dental school at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio. Cassandra, who was attending St. Mary’s University, decided to become a dental hygienist and transferred to the Health Science Center.

Together, they studied, dreamed and began preparing and planning for their future as partners both in life and in business.

“We knew we wanted our own practice,” said Cassandra, 34, “and we knew that we wanted it to look different.” Within a year of graduating in 2005 with a D.D.S. for Scott and a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene for Cassandra, they opened their first dental practice.

“Our first office was very unique,” said Scott, 37. “It was equipped differently, designed differently, but more importantly, we created a patient experience like no one had seen before. We had different ways of answering the phones; we had different scheduling procedures; and it was just the two of us. She was the hygienist and I was the dentist.”

When their office became highly successful, they realized the balance they were seeking was sorely missing. They needed help and more systematic approaches to assist in their growth. Within two years, they established Breakaway Practice which now embodies the balance they had been seeking.

“We were only able to do this because we did it together,” Scott said. “Since we worked together, we could help improve each other in a healthy way. A dentist is supposed to have one practice, one day, and here we are managing 300, and it started with the foundation of keeping each other within the right balance.”

As Breakaway continues to find success, the Leunes have found many ways to give back to their community and to the university where it all began. For instance, they give a portion of their company’s seminar income every year to the dental school, and they hire local students interested in healthcare careers.

“Providing donations to the School of Dentistry is significant,” Scott said. “Even a small amount becomes the culture of the alumni, and this makes a huge impact on the dental school and people connected to it.”

In giving back financially or through volunteering, the Leunes point to how essential each act becomes in finding the right balance for living a good life. Maybe, just maybe, they are on to something.

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