Graduates Create Seed Award for Fourth-Year Student Leaders

November 10, 2017

Two anonymous donors, who are both alumni of the dental school, created a Seed Award for fourth-year students who are exceptionally committed to their profession, community and university.

Harris Siegel, D.M.D. (from left), and Skip Dolt, D.D.S., had a fateful meeting on the first day of their residency at the School of Dentistry. Now, 24 years later, the two friends share a dental practice in Atlanta, Georgia.

A Fateful Encounter Results in Friendship, Shared Career

November 10, 2017

Harris Siegel, D.M.D., and Skip Dolt, D.D.S., met on the first day of their residency program at the School of Dentistry. That meeting has resulted in a 24-year friendship and a 21-year business partnership.

Couple Dedicated to Patients, Profession and Community

November 10, 2017

Drs. Jennifer and Jamie Bone met while attending the School of Dentistry. In addition to sharing a love for each other, the couple are committed to helping one patient at a time in their practice.

Ray Scott, D.D.S., Class of 1983 (from left); Kyle Gross, dental student/"ringer"; Danny Richter and Ryan Blair made up the Carus Dental golf team.

13th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

November 10, 2017

Dental school alumni and friends helped fund student scholarships during the 13th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament at The Republic Golf Course in late April.

Sarah Morris, D.D.S.

Alumni News

November 10, 2017

Learn about professional achievements of fellow alumni! And, please share your news for future Alumni News section in Salute.

Need Continuing Dental Education?

November 10, 2017

The School of Dentistry at UT Health San Antonio offers a comprehensive schedule of Continuing Dental Education courses for dental professionals. View the schedule and register online.