The CTRC A-Team

The CTRC A-Team members


Name: Dmitri Ivanov

Title: CPRIT Scholar in Cancer Research
Research: Finds targets for new cancer therapies through understanding how DNA repair pathways interact with signaling pathways that are defective in cancer.


Name: Gregg Fields

Title: Professor of biochemistry and Robert A. Welch Distinguished University Chair in Chemistry Research: Develops “synthetic mini-collagens,” which serve as models for studying how cancers spread through collagen, the body’s connective tissue.



Name: Andrew Hinck

Title: Professor of biochemistry and molecular medicine
Research: Identifies cancer drug targets, based on understanding of the structure of a protein called TGF-beta which, when defective, promotes tumors.


Name: Susan Mooberry

Title: Professor of pharmacology, interim director of the Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC) Institute for Drug Development and leader of the Experimental and Developmental Therapeutics program
Research: Heads an active laboratory team that, among other interests, searches for new anticancer agents from Texas plants.


Name: Rui Sousa
Title: Professor of biochemistry
Research: Studies activities of molecules essential to cell function. Scientists are increasingly recognizing these molecules’ roles in cancer.




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