Strength in neighbors

Strength in neighbors

UT Health Science Center partners with community to make lives better

It’s not incidental that the UT Health Science Center is located in San Antonio. From the beginning, the Health Science Center was created to be an integral part of this Texas city, to draw strength from its community even as it gives back.

It doesn’t matter whether Health Science Center faculty members are training future health professionals, treating illness or conducting world-class research. They have a single objective: to make lives better, worldwide and especially in San Antonio and South Texas.

Along with education, clinical care and research, there is a fourth part to the Health Science Center’s mission: community service. The university is deeply committed to San Antonio, and its involvement in the community takes many shapes.

It can mean sending doctors and students into the community to provide medical care and increase health awareness, particularly among vulnerable populations, with the goal of improving the health of San Antonio as a whole. It can mean researching the specific health needs of those who live here so those needs can be better addressed in the future. Sometimes, it means reaching out to bright young San Antonians of all backgrounds to encourage them to consider careers in the health professions.

This service not only benefits the community, but it also strengthens the university. A deep understanding of the people it serves allows the Health Science Center to provide better, more culturally competent care that truly meets the needs of this community.

Through community service, the Health Science Center gets to know its neighbors.

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