Researchers co-author book on nanoparticle imaging

Researchers in the School of Medicine co-authored a new book on the imaging of nanoparticles – tiny particles that in the future may prove to be eminently useful for drug delivery in humans. “Although there has been a lot of hype about nanoparticle technology, and some things don’t work or are clearly impractical, I predict this technology will be a major force in clinical care,” said nuclear medicine physician William T. Phillips, M.D., co-author and co-editor of “Nanoimaging,” published by Pan Stanford Publishing. “Some practical ways will include delivering increased amounts of therapeutic agents to infections, lymph nodes, bone marrow and tumors.” Dr. Phillips and biochemist Beth A. Goins, Ph.D., both in the Department of Radiology, lead a team that is pioneering research of nanoparticle technology, particularly the imaging of these tiny particles. “We have some promising ideas for projects and products utilizing nanoparticles, but those require investment and company generation,” said Dr. Goins, co-author and co-editor of the book.

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