Facilities replicated


Nursing students experience the dynamic environment of practicing in an intensive care unit (ICU) of a hospital. The simulation center’s two ICUs are constructed as a replica of new construction at University Hospital. High-fidelity manikins are programmed to simulate problematic health symptoms.

The School of Nursing’s Simulation Center & Clinical Learning Lab offers a wide variety of hospital and home health environments, including:

  • Trauma center – modeled after University Health System’s facility; two trauma exam rooms and one trauma emergency care room


  • Intensive care unit – two rooms constructed as a replica of new construction at University Hospital


  • Home health center – designed as an efficiency apartment to demonstrate to students the importance of care provided in homes



Multi-bed educational center

  • Multi-bed educational center – four-bed medical/surgical unit where students will experience the dynamic environment of practicing on the floor of the hospital; allows medical teams to manage multiple patients at once; each room equipped with specialty hospital beds and high-fidelity manikins


  • Pediatric care suite – includes three infant cribs, one child’s bed, and four high-fidelity manikins


  • Ambulatory care suite – four treatment sites where students will experience the clinical environment of an ambulatory center



Maternal/child center

Maternal/child center – two mother-baby birthing suites, where students will experience the care of mother and baby from labor and delivery to postpartum care


  • Simulation conference room – a debriefing site for faculty to work with students in unraveling the meanings and lessons inherent in each experience within the simulation center
    Medication and supply rooms – these rooms house the automated medication dispensing system for medicines, all necessary supplies and electronic medical records for the center


  • Four control rooms – where the manikins, and audio and video equipment are managed without the knowledge of the simulation participants





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