Margie and Bill Klesse

Exceeding expectations: CTRC raises an unprecedented $13.2 million

Margie and Bill Klesse

Margie and Bill Klesse

The Cancer Therapy & Research Center received $1 million from the Klesse Foundation and an additional $1 million from the Valero Energy Foundation in support of the recruitment of a nationally recognized scientist to lead the CTRC’s Cancer Prevention Program.

The two gifts helped the CTRC exceed its $10 million annual fundraising goal, bringing the year’s philanthropic total to an unprecedented $13.2 million.

“Margie and Bill Klesse and the Valero Energy Foundation are enabling us to continue to surpass our goals in making new discoveries and providing exceptional care, and we cannot thank them enough,” said CTRC Director Ian M. Thompson Jr., M.D. “These votes of confidence from our own community are not only incredibly helpful for cancer prevention, research and care, but they are also close to our hearts.”
Recruitment of a national leader in cancer prevention will distinguish the CTRC on a national level and will have a transformative effect, amplifying the important and lasting impact of reducing the burden of cancer on the South Texas region, he added.

Margie and Bill Klesse and Valero are longstanding supporters of the CTRC and the Health Science Center. Margie Klesse is a member of the CTRC Board of Governors and has served on the Board of Trustees of the CTRC Council, formerly the Cancer Center Council. She also has co-chaired the San Antonio Express-News Book & Author Luncheon, which benefits the CTRC’s Phase I Clinical Research Program.

At the Sept. 29 announcement of the gifts, Bill Klesse recognized Dr. Thompson’s leadership and the critical work of the CTRC physicians and researchers.

Many people who suffer from cancer can’t travel to other cities for treatment, he said, so having a top-rated cancer facility in San Antonio, one that is connected to an academic institution, is essential.

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