CTRC Breast Health Clinic: Anatomy of comprehensive care

As a result of a partnership between the CTRC and University Health System, patients are able to receive their mammogram results before they leave the clinic.

If a patient has a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, she is evaluated by a genetic counselor and physician who help plan a risk reduction strategy or assist in treatment planning.

Treatment and reconstruction
Many breast cancer patients are cured by surgery. To reduce the risk of recurrence and improve life expectancy and cure rate, a medical oncologist may recommend adjuvant therapy (hormones, chemotherapy and/or biological therapy). A radiation oncologist may recommend radiation treatments.

Discovery and prevention
Breast Health Clinic physicians are faculty researchers and educators at the UT Health Science Center. Their collaboration and exchange of knowledge and ideas encourages the translation of research into novel therapies that benefit patients. All patients are given the opportunity to participate in clinical trials that evaluate experimental treatments.

Quality of life
A patient’s quality of life is a priority at the CTRC. Members of the Breast Health Clinic team who assist patients in achieving a positive experience include insurance coordinators, patient navigators, social workers, financial assistants and fitters for breast prostheses, wigs and lymph edema sleeves. Staff members also organize recurring support groups and activities for patients.

For more information or to schedule an appointment at the Comprehensive Breast Health Clinic, call (210) 450-3000.


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