Briscoe creates legacy for future of education

Anne Briscoe, M.S., RN, a 1987 graduate of the School of Nursing, and former employee in the UT Health Science Center’s Division of Cardiology, has established the Anne Fishburne Briscoe, M.S., RN, B.S.N., B.S., ADN, AA, CCRN/Anne Pickens Fishburne, RN, Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Education. The endowment will honor her and her grandmother’s service to the nursing profession. Briscoe’s grandmother was a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in 1918. “I decided to help those students going back to school at the UT Health Science Center to get a second degree in nursing and to encourage the non-traditional, second-degree program that is now in place in the School of Nursing,” Briscoe said. This year, Briscoe decided to add to the endowment through an estate gift. “I hope others reflect on the health services they’ve benefited from over years and consider creating their own legacy of support,” she said. “It will have an important impact.”

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