President William L. Henrich, M.D., MACP

A Message from the Interim President

Continuing the momentum of making lives better

It is an honor and privilege to serve as interim president of the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. I am mindful of both the enormous responsibility that I have assumed as well as the trust that has been placed in me to continue the many advancements set in motion by President Cigarroa.
Dr. Francisco G. Cigarroa left a legacy of unparalleled achievement at this institution. And, together, with your continued support, we can ensure this momentum of making lives better continues.

While Dr. Cigarroa moves forward in his new role as chancellor of The University of Texas System, we can all be proud of the fact that he hails from our very own Health Science Center. He remains a distinguished member of our faculty and will continue to perform transplant surgeries when he is able. Our collective encouragement and best wishes will be with him as he continues to bring many more achievements to The University of Texas System and to the state of Texas in the years ahead.

I am particularly pleased to be able to bring you this issue of the Mission magazine, which pays tribute to Dr. Cigarroa’s productive time as president. We reflect upon the eight extraordinary years that Dr. Cigarroa and his wife, Graciela, served this institution.

As many of you know well, Dr. Cigarroa continued to practice pediatric and transplantation surgery during his presidency. His ongoing commitment to surgery and his patients inspired many, and served as an example of what the Health Science Center aspires to accomplish: education and research translated into compassionate clinical care and service.

This issue of Mission touches on each of our missions in all of our schools, and highlights some of our outstanding faculty members, students, alumni and donors who, like Dr. Cigarroa, are leading by example.

You will read about Dr. Steven Wolf’s groundbreaking work to regrow lost limbs; Dr. Steven Mifflin’s efforts to unmask the mysteries of sleep apnea, and husband-and-wife team Drs. Monica and Alain Mitas’ lifesaving cancer research and care. These are just a few of our many stories of success.

We also recognize the vision and generosity of our community partners and donors who help make these discoveries and treatments possible. We are proud to spotlight many of our contributors, such as Beverly and Will O’Hara, with whom I had the pleasure to meet last year.

I trust you will find these articles interesting and timely. I look forward to serving you as, together, we strive to lead our Health Science Center to unparalleled eminence.


William L. Henrich, M.D., MACP
Interim President
Professor of Medicine
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

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